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Trapped is an attempt at making a minimalist survival horror game for the MB Vectrex. You control the main character, viewed from above, who has suddenly awakened in a strange place. You have to travel through a maze  of rooms in an attempt to escape this strange place. Any of these rooms may become infested with stinging insects that attack on site. You can also pick up objects found in specific rooms. These include keys, to allow access through the locked doors, and other objects that may also be used to help you. You can't shoot, so have to find other ways to evade the insects. The game is timed, and the timer runs down quicker when you are attacked.

This version started life as a proof of concept demo, but has since been made into a fully playable game with specific mechanics only found in this incarnation, along with a proper ending. I am currently working on a much larger game, which utilises the same framework as this, but is broader in scope and is based more  on exploration and puzzles rather that a timer mechanism and fast reactions. The aim is to release a physical copy of the full game on a Vectrex cartridge. So all donations go towards buying the bits I need to do this, and any help would be appreciated.

Published 25 days ago
StatusIn development

Install instructions

This game requires an  emulator to play.  The trapped.bin file should be loaded into your Vectrex emulator.

Also works on a real Vectrex with a suitable interface cartridge!


Trapped 4 kB

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